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Bailey Commentary

[152] 8 Terese and Cher

early as age 6. However, no one but Chuck knew of these, and no one else would have surmised this based on Chuck’s behavior.  
In late childhood or early adolescence, around the age of 12, Chuck was an altar boy at early mass. His parents went to mass at a later time, giving Chuck free reign of the house. During this time, he began to dress secretively in his mother’s lingerie: panties, girdle, or bra. He would look at himself in the mirror, become increasingly sexually aroused, then masturbate to orgasm. Sometimes when his parents were home, he would wear lingerie under his male clothing, look at the lingerie models in a Sears catalogue, and rub his penis against the bed, making sure to stop the activity when his mother entered the room. While looking at the catalogue, he imagined that he was the lingerie model. Chuck was artistic, and one early creation involved painting some coconut shells flesh color, and wearing them as breasts during cross-dressing.  
As his adolescence progressed, Chuck would cross-dress and masturbate at least once per week. He would also masturbate while looking at Playboy, and his fantasies would alternate between having sex with the centerfold and recreating her with his own body. As a senior in high school, he worked in a store that carried women’s clothing. One night he worked late, mopping floors, and as he noticed the hosiery and fishnet stockings, could not resist the urge to take some home to use in his cross-dressing sessions.

Chuck attended an all boys high school. Although Chuck may have been considered a bit eccentric, his classmates did not suspect that he was a cross-dresser, or that he was gay for that matter. Cross-dressing was his secret life. He believed that his activities were unusual, and he was often ashamed of them, and so when he went to college, Chuck tried to "purge" by not bringing clothes along. When he participated in a panty raid, and acquired several bras and pairs of panties, he hung them up in his room as trophies. When his roommate left their dorm room, Chuck gave in to his urge to cross-dress.



His artistic creativity was flourishing. He won a painting competi-

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