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Bailey Commentary

[150] 8 Terese and Cher

Terese had several sexual relationships during this time. In each case, the man assumed she was a genetic female, and Terese did not initially tell him otherwise. She would interact sexually with him, having oral sex for instance. Only after she saw him several times, both of them growing more attached, and the issue of intercourse arose, would she consider telling him the truth. Twice, she risked honesty. Both times were traumatic, the men disappointed, angry, and repulsed, Terese hurt and afraid. Still, one of the men got used to the idea, and they continued romantically and sexually, for a while. During sex, Terese always behaved as a woman, and this partner never touched her penis. He continued to think of Terese as a woman, albeit an unusual one. Still, the relationship did not go anywhere, and the man did not treat Terese very well. She discovered that he had a steady girlfriend, for example. Although many naturally-born women have been mistreated by men, Terese thinks the fact that she was a she-male prevented men from committing to her.

Terese lived as a woman for three years before she got enough money together (about $10,000) to get her operation. Part of the money was a loan from Cher, who had become one of her best friends. In July, 1997, Terese (then 25 years old) flew to Belgium and over a four day period, had genital reassignment surgery, learned to care for her new vagina, and recovered sufficiently to leave the hospital. Within three months, her neo-vagina had healed, and she lost her neo-virginity soon after.



In many ways Terese has blossomed since her surgery. She looks great. Not only do people fail to notice that she is a transsexual, but most men would find her sexy and attractive. Depressed and in self-imposed isolation when I first saw her, she is flirtatious, energetic, and socially busy now. Among other things, she models lingerie. She has dated and had sex with several heterosexual men, none of whom knew about her past life. (She is still looking for a serious boyfriend.) Her mother is thrilled to have her new daughter. For one, she is relieved for Terese, knowing how much she had wanted this. But she is also happy to have a

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