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Collected wisdom

If you have written something you'd like to share with the community, I am happy to give it a permanent and (if necessary) anonymous home. Send your submissions in, and I'll consider them!

Monetary gifts

This site is like a free online book, available at no charge for those who can't afford to pay. If you've been helped by this information, I hope you'll consider making a donation or purchasing one of our transition products. I also maintain a store of recommended books and products which might be helpful in your transition. The money goes toward covering web hosting costs, as well as minor things like rent and food.

Offline donations

Those who can't or won't use credit cards or web-based transactions can send cash, check, or money order payable to me at:

Andrea James
5419 Hollywood Blvd. # C-142
Hollywood, CA 90027

Online donations

You can donate through PayPal via my site hairfacts. Just click the amount you wish to donate, and you will be taken to our secure server for processing the contribution.

Tax deductible contributions

If you would like to make a donation of $200 or more, please contact me for options on making your gift tax-deductible.

Wish list

Sometimes people ask if there is anything I could use personally. Those who would like to get me something along those lines can select from my personal Amazon Wish List.

I appreciate your support of projects like this!

Andrea James